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Kobe Bryant’s Dear Basketball:

Directed by Academy-Award winning Disney animator, Glen Keane, and scored by Oscar Award winning composer, John Williams, this animated short is nothing short of spectacular. With his legend-making, 20-year NBA career complete, Kobe Bryant launches his next chapter with an animated short that embodies his incomparable retirement announcement poem. The hand-drawn animated film speaks directly to the game of basketball, and conveys Kobe’s gratitude, love, and passion for the sport before leaving it behind.

Dear Basketball: The Making of the Animated Short Film:

Unprecedented access into the creation of the animated short film inspired by Kobe Bryant’s poem, “Dear Basketball.” Created and narrated by Kobe Bryant, this behind-the-scenes look provides exclusive interviews with director and animator, Glen Keane, composer, John Williams, and Kobe Bryant, providing a comprehensive look into the creation of this cinematic masterpiece.

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