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  • In The Booth (ITB) is a documentary style series that takes fans and newcomers alike on an epic journey behind the scenes of legendary DJ and producer Tiësto and the meteoric growth of electronic/dance music (EDM). From Vegas to Ibiza, private jets to back stage moments before the show and finally culminating in thousands of passionate fans screaming "T-IES-TO! T-IES-TO!" ITB is truly braking new ground for the artists, the EDM genre and brand partners alike.

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    "The LeBrons" are back with the whole family for an all new Season 2!

    The LeBrons is an original animated series from the mind of NBA champion and pop-culture icon, LeBron James. Much like a modern day "Fat Albert", the series is designed to help empower and give back to today's young adults.

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    Electronic dance music (EDM) is the new hip-hop: A worldwide culture and market that has emerged from the underground to center stage.

    Unlike any other category in music, EDM is uniquely about social interaction and engagement.

    The incredible social power of this community is being combined with the most in-the-know EDM resource, in a first-of-its-kind original content initiative on Twitter called EpicEDM.

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    From executive producer Jennifer Lopez comes Tiger Beat Entertainment, the inside track on everything entertainment, pop culture and lifestyle for your average mobile device and social media addicted Millennial.

    Jennifer Lopez provides her unique point of view as executive producer providing a behind-the-scenes look at some of her current projects and access to the entire entertainment world.

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    We took every mom’s life… and made it a show. Mom Show is a video series that shows the all too real side of being a mom. It is more than perfectly tied bows and well-balanced meals and prompt bath/bed times. Being a mom also means running a family, taking care of “mom” and having a little fun along the way.
    In Mom Show, we will discuss the expected and unexpected sides of successfully navigating motherhood with your sanity intact. With host Brooke Peterson, Mom Show will be full of fun, entertaining information and a nice way remember that “mom” is still herself.
    Money Where Your Mouth Is, hosted by Jay Mohr, is the game show where best buddies compete in an epic battle of man wits for the chance to win bragging rights and each other’s most prized possessions. In each episode our maestros of macho find their “Guy-Q” being put to the test, with three harrowing rounds of man-knowledge trivia, complex man-skills and settling age old man debates. Three friends enter, but only one leaves with his ego intact and the pride that comes with publically shaming his buddies all because he wasn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth is.