American Anthems
May 22, 2020
The Fix
August 22, 2017


This new series from mega-influencer Ayesha Curry transforms the well-worn cooking show format into an interactive, participatory experience, making viewers feel like they’re there, at home with Ayesha, cooking right alongside her. Each episode in this series gives viewers the opportunity to cook a new recipe, in real time, along with one of the biggest personalities in the space. Much more than the typical, short-form videos posted by other celebrities, each Unfiltered episode is longform, presenting REAL cooking as it happens, with mistakes and all. There are no fancy edits. No pre-prepared dishes. No “do-overs.” Viewers see Ayesha’s interactions with the crew, her flubs and her mishaps, just as if they were there, cooking right alongside her. Throughout, Ayesha provides guidance, offers tips, answers questions, polls the audience, gives away prizes, poses trivia questions, and more, creating a real, personal connection with her audience.