American Anthems
March 4, 2022
The LeBrons
February 19, 2021


Jam Van is a musical comedy about two best friends traveling across the United States to learn about the different people, places and customs of our country. It’s a show about cultural appreciation and learning to respect the similarities and differences in one another. Every episode features a new city for our traveling heroes to learn its culture, famous sites, iconic foods, and signature sounds in a rich display of mixed mediums and varying artistic styles.

Along their magical journey, our heroes will face new challenges that they will have to solve with the aid of original songs by an array of famous musical artists. Each song will teach problem-solving skills (cooperation, task persistence, self-regulation) to both our lead characters and our young audience.

All in all, it’s a raucous, musical joy ride through our diverse country, helping kids get along with one and another - and the world at large - at a time when we perhaps need it the most.